• TGI produces grades (12 / 20# ~ 120# Size) of garnet to meet the needs of different market segments.
  • Chief grades correspond to 1.7 mm to 125 mm.
  • TGI has established its own standards / bench mark for the quality of its products, mainly in relation to the dust and Chlorides.
  • The Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, has stipulated that the maximum monazite content in the export consignment of garnet should not exceed 250 ppm (0.25%). The garnet products exported by TGI on an average contain only less than 150 ppm (0.15%) and hence the products are eco friendly.
  • TGI was the first company to have secured ISO certification in the garnet industry and exports for its premium quality products
  • TGI has introduced a new brand "INDO GARNET" with the following grades W.e.f July 2016
    Grades Application
    #12/20 Sand Blasting
    #80 Water Jet Cutting
  • All the grades are available in the following packing materials with specially packed in pallets

    • 1 MT Bulk bag

    • 2 MT Bulk bag

    • 25 kg PP bags

    • 25 Kg Paper bags